Saturday, 7 February 2015

Young and restless Malaysian Up-coming singers

Heard of Bil Musa? What about Pipi rosli? Harris Hisham? Otam?? These young generation are awesome bunch of artists. Which i come to enjoy and chillax at a Cafe called KEDAI SEBELAH SS6...yes am not kidding you it is called KEDAI SEBELAH Not Senget or rompang...and for those who doesnt understand Malay.. Kedai Sebelah Means The Shop Next Door. Catchy huh...and So i believe so.  Food was indeed awesomy delicious too. I love the brownies and Nasi Goreng Embah (^-^) *Smiling ear to ear*

By the way ..i was mentioning about these artist performing at Kedai Sebelah last Thursday Nite  5th February 2015 were indeed a refreshing music to my ears. Mostly armed with guitars and ukelele...made me glued to the chair for hours and plus the fact that i was temporarily physically disabled so i couldnt move much from my chair :p.. The crowd was also totally supportive and fun too. Well what do you expect, i was surrounded by youngsters *am not saying i am Old..hahahah* But i must say the crowd helps too.  Too bad i didnt manage to catch videos of them performing due the limited memory of my ever so Loyal Samsung S3 (-_-) sigh! The great part was i got their pictures!! Hah! So the next time around if you happen to stumble upon these names for gig or performance please do lend your ears and open your heart and Listen. ♥♥♥

Monday, 2 February 2015

Starting All Over again...

HeRe I am....

Starting all over again

Running on empty dreams

The Dreams that we build

The Dreams that was shattered
When you tear it apart

And now I have to start again
This dream alone; and

Wait for your Return, and

wait for your return

For the Dreams to come true

i'm Not the Only One -Sam Smith

You and Me we made a vow
for better or for worse
i can't believe you let me down
But the proof in a way it hurts

For Months on end i've had my doubts
denying every tear, i wish this would be over now, But i know that i still need you here

ch-You say i'm crazy cause you don't think i know what you you've done, But when you call me baby I know i'm not the only one,

You've been so unavailable, Now sadly i know why, Your heart is so unobtainable, Eventhough God knows you kept mine

I have Loved you for many years, Maybe i am just not enough, You've made realise my deepest fear, By lying and tearing us Up

Hey people. Hope you are having a good day..had your breakfast and coffee or a cup of tea with some scones *ehhh maybe its just too early for scones :P* Anyway, Sam Smith the British newcomer, Love him.. the great voice with some great songs is my kind of new muse (^^)

I guessed everybit of this song gave me such a huge impact. Every little words crushes  a huge comet landed on mother earth..yeahh i know am being a tad dramatic. Well i can't help it but to feel tht way. Life experience made me feel that way. I am definitely sure some where along the life you have felt this way or are feeling this way still. Anyway, feel whatever you want to feel but not too long. You have to move on eventually. You might not feel like waking up in the morning nor you feel like resting at night. Your mind does not stop wandering, thinking, calculating, analysing how many 'if', 'when', 'why' and perhaps 'how'..Your inside out is messed up and amidst all those confusion you decide to unwind...for me best are long journey and sinking aka singing my heart out for a Straight 4 hours of whatever songs i can sing alone.. hahaha yeah alone. I do not have problems with that.. You know at times you just to let out your emotions in some ways, just don't do foolish things like drink alcohol and drive, slit your wrist, speeding like there's no tomorrow and so forth *i know you know what is bad for you ;p*

I do believe Life exprience comes as a blessing in our gives us different perspective, reevaluate ourselves and teaches us what Life is all about. But truth be said...i had my share of  Temporarily physically, mentally and emotionally dysfunctional. Hah...we are after all are Human. To err is Human.  

Well enough said for today. Cheerios peepa!

Bon jour 2015!!

BON JOUR Friends!

I guess its still not too late to wish everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015. yeah i know i know ..its the 2nd of February 2015. A tad late for EARLY hehehe well at least am wishing a great start ya.

i have not been updating my blog for quite sometime. My apology, it has been a roller coaster ride for me...physically, mentally and emotionally. So now am back again.(^-^) However, am not physically fit for the next few weeks. Sigh (-_-).. i accidently injured my ankle last saturday and it hit the cemented floor. .and i am on a half cast bound foot now. With this kind of injury, it made slightly bonkers because my movement was limited. However, it never stop me from doing what i want to do. Like LIVING YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST! 

i didn't tell my mother siblings..especially my BIG SIS *until someone let the cat out of the bag..duh..well it's partially my fault for not advising my 10yo old Niece :p ..i didnt tell her yesterday when she asked for a favour to send my nieces and nephew for a tennis lesson at Bangsar Sports complex..hehehehe WHY??? Why on the planet should i be announcing my injury am NOT Seriously injured Nor am i Comatose. I can still drive even if with one foot functioning. was all well. .i am on a three weeks Medical leave which i am happily relaxing and i am learning photography online  and trying ...yeah trying to clean and sort out the things in my house..

The thing about me is that i am such a hard headed person..i do not give up easily regardless of how difficult the situation's are.  I am a rational and practical person. There are time The Heart rules the Head. Yeah..the Heart wants what the Heart wants. Reminds me of Selena Gomez latest Song. ♥ it!

And so that is how my Year started for 2015. I still have many moons to go and plans to be executed. Join me in my next adventure ya.

Till then. Have a great week ahead. Muax ♥♥♥♥ (^---^)

FoLLow Me (^_^)/

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